Morro is coming… (Ajit Hatti)

Written on June 20, 2009

I have always been saying that “The best things in the world are for free ….fresh air, sunlight, friends, Linux……” 😀

Here is some free stuff from Microsoft (not joking 😀 ), but whether it will be best, Im doubtful. After Windows Defender which is a free Anti-Mal-ware from Microsoft, it is now coming up with a new single step security solution for Windows users, code named Morro. Morro is to succeed One Care, the paid version of Microsoft’s security offering.

(Surprisingly not many people know about Windows Defender. One of the obvious reason is failure of Vista which has built in Windows Defender. And majority of people are using XP, who need to download Windows Defender, are still using third party A/V)

As we are approaching the Beta Release of Morro I have some interesting doubts/points :

  1. So lately Microsoft has agreed that people out there need a “Good and Free” security solution on the problem which they have created. The question is: Morro is out of social responsibility or Microsoft’s strategy to throw antivirus giants out of market?

  2. It seems Morro will be available to download and not be bundled with future Windows releases. I guess the focus is to provide the service only to the licenced users (In india many of us use pirated Windows and licenced Antivirus :D, so does that mean no Morro for many of us?)

  3. How good Morro will be in terms of effectiveness and resource efficiency? As far the Microsoft’s image goes, experts dont rule out the possibility of security issues with Microsoft’s security products too (now this will get more interesting Microsoft releasing patches for Morro every patch Tuesdays 😀 ). And also the user experience and system performance will be another good thing to watch out for.

  4. With Morro (coming for Free) it should enhance Windows reputation as a secure OS. I know many people saying no to Windows and using Linux just for security reasons and to avoid all ‘Anit’ craps. Will Morro help Windows fight Linux in the long term race?

Lets wait and watch till Morro (Beta) is released and thoroughly grilled by users…… Let me know what you guys feel about Microsoft’s Morro move.

~Ajit Hatti