n|u Puliya | Short Bridge Courses

Written on December 3, 2013

Puliya means culvert or a small bridge in Hindi.

We have been getting constant feedback about our null Humla and null Bachaav sessions. The feedback is both ways and almost all the champions are of the opinion that there are some essential non-security skills that are sorely lacking in a lot of attendees.

n|u Puliya, really short courses for skill bridging

To “bridge” this gap in skills of our members attending the sessions we are starting null Puliya. The idea is to bridge the skill gap and get our members ready to take on advanced topics covered in null Humla and null Bachaav.

Some of the identified skills that we will cover are

  • Using LiveOS/booting inside VirtualBox
  • Using Version Control Software (focussing on git for bitbucket and github)
  • Basic command line usage for Linux and Windows
  • Using command line text editors when GUI isn’t possible
  • Networking setup for virtualbox
  • Package Management – apt, yum, python pip, ruby bundle etc.
  • More topics as we identify them

Culvert by Pearson Scott Foresman [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons