null 2.0 Starting of a New Era

Written on July 9, 2020

Recap: Going a step back

null the open security community is starting with the new era by introducing the null 2.0. We would like to thank all the members and volunteers who made this possible. It won’t be wrong to call this community is volunteer-driven and this is essentially the strong essence of an open-security community. The idea of building such a community was to grow and learn together.

We initiated the idea of an open security community in India with the null chapter in Pune back in 2008, and we got a great response from the people who were enthusiastic about cybersecurity, and then in 2010, null was registered as a non-profit society. Since then null has been actively contributing by making people aware of information security and is proudly introduced as India’s largest open security community. To the people who contributed to this community with an open mind and a big heart, we would thank you for being there with us and you always have the support of this community. With that being said let’s start this new era of null with a higher motive of making this community bigger and more approachable to the people all around the globe.

Introducing null 2.0:

The idea behind starting null 2.0 was very clear, we wanted to make this community more approachable to the students and professionals around the globe. These are some of the underlying motive behind the idea of null 2.0:

  • We would like to make null more relevant to the enterprise, apart from hiring security folks: The idea is to collaborate with the professionals working in the area of security which has always been one of the primary motives. Collaboration with the enterprise such as:

    • Defining security frameworks and standards, for producing security guidelines in the upcoming IT technology like Cloud, Blockchain/Crypto, IoT, AI/ML, and many more.

    • Develop tools and methodologies in order to secure the products and infrastructure based on the above-mentioned technologies.

    • Start many new security projects and publish research papers.

  • In this new era, we have seen a slew of startups which are focussed in the area of information security. We would like to lend a helping hand to these startups and provide a platform to use null as a testing ground for their products/services by agreeing on mutually beneficial agreements with some simple terms and conditions.

  • We would never have been this big without the volunteers who contributed to null and treated this community like their family. As said previously in this post, we want you to believe that you always have this community to support, and to start with we would like our contributors to grow in the information security domain.

    • We will be providing opportunities for contributors to meet like-minded peers to share work, ideas of their respective field and grow their network.

    • One of the major concerns today is that people associated with information security domain doesn’t have a common platform to showcase their expertise/competency in their area of interest which is more approachable to the audience. This platform can be significant for the contributors who are consistently researching in their respective area of interest.

    • We have seen folks doing great work in their area of interest, but face issues in presenting their work, and seeing the current situation we would like to help the contributors by providing them with the platform to showcase their soft/presentation skills.

  • In all of these, we have seen a great number of contributors originating from educational institutes in a consistent manner. We would like to start an initiative which involves students and faculty to open the null chapter in universities and colleges. These chapter will be student-driven which means students need to follow some guidelines as to run the chapter in their college or university.

  • null jobs initiative was started in 2010 with an idea to facilitate employment in the area of information security. It has been breaking the barriers between the infosec enthusiasts seeking for new opportunity and HR. With the new era of null we will be introducing null Jobs 2.0.

  • null chapters all across the globe is the backbone of this open security community. Contributors in every chapter organise various kinds of activities like null monthly meetups, Humla, baachav sessions in order to exchange and share knowledge. With a new beginning, we would people from different places take initiative in order to start new chapters. A null chapter in every state of India is our dream is our goal. To energise initiative, a newly proposed method to start the chapter in your city is planned.

A Sincere Request:

We started with very small group of people, and it was always huge number of contributors who made this possible. We would like to request people not to hesitate but come forward make this community more vibrant and active