null Cloud Security Study Group #

Cloud Security Study Group is an initiative by null community, where like minded people get together to learn about Cloud Security.

This website is being used to track the progress of the study group, along with providing the Study Path for anyone else to learn.

We will also be presenting whatever is the outcome through out the study group in the Showcase section.

Mentors #

  • Setu Parimi
  • Siddharth Tanna

How To Use This Site? #

  • The side navigation contains week wise content and the meeting notes contains what ever has been done during the week.
  • The Showcase section presents whatever output or content that has been generated from the participants of study group.
  • Study Path is something where detailed plan of study is mentioned with some links for reference.
  • Meeting Notes will contain detailed description on whatever has been done during the week and if any extra links that are being shared during the sessions.