Announcing null Humla – Offensive Hacking workshops

Written on May 16, 2011

Humla (meaning attack in Hindi) is a completely hands-on workshop with the clear focus on learning the tools, techniques and approaches of offensive hacking using simulated servers and networks.

Humla is different from a normal null meet in its focus and duration. The focus is on learning specific tools and techniques and the duration is about 5-6 hours of hands-on work.

null Humla Basics

  • null Humla events are invite only Keeping them exclusive allows for keeping the logistics simple, the course content focussed and the interactions very engaging.

  • null Humla events are completely hands-on The idea is to learn offensive hacking, therefore everyone is expected to come prepared and do the hands-on in a group.

  • null Humla events require you to get your laptop There is no pairing up while doing hands-on. The point is to ensure that you actually get the practice while learning.

  • null Humla events are about 5-6 hours This is an ideal time to get all 10 people up to speed and comfortable. This amount of time allows for everyone to become comfortable with the topic at hand.

  • A null Humla event is led by 1-2 champions in that particular topic One or two hackers who have the experience and skills are assigned as Humla Champions for a particular topic. They are completely responsible for the course content and ensuring that all the group members learn the concepts and the attacks.

null Humla MO

  1. Applications to take part will be invited from null members.
  2. The champions will select the ten best applications for the topic. This is based on the profile of the applicants and the champion’s discretion.
  3. Once selected the hackers will be informed and they need to come to the workshop with the required things like laptop etc.

null Humla Topics

The following are the some of the proposed Humla workshops. These may change based on availability of Humla Champions

  • Metasploit Kung-Fu
  • Hacking a Web Server using SQL Injection
  • Wireless Hacking 101 and Wireless Hacking 201
  • Getting n00bs ready for Humla
  • Backtrack Super User
  • Reversing and Exploiting
  • Malware Analysis in depth

New workshops will be announced on the null mailing list.