null Security Community described in Numbers

Written on December 12, 2014

When we started null – The Open Security Community, we didn’t really plan beyond the monthly gathering of infosec peeps and enthusiasts in cities like Pune and Bangalore.

We didn’t ask for registration, take any attendance (beyond a cursory head count) and things were swell.

What we didn’t really think about (atleast I didn’t) was that we would still be doing this with enthusiasm and passion 5 and 1/2 years after we started. It is quite natural to start thinking about the next level after gaining proficiency in doing security related events month after month.

@abh1sek was kind enough to create swachalit for us. Since then we realised that there is a need to track our progress and the metrics will help us do exactly that!

Numbers are a great way to see where have we reached from where we were. They offer an objective insight into how we are growing and hopefully we will be offering more of these in the coming months.

Please do let people in your networks know about the great work the tireless volunteers of null – Open Security Community are doing around India and now even in Europe!

Links to the infographics