CopTech … (Ajit Hatti)

Event : CopTech Date : 16th September Venue : Commissioner Office, Pune

Introduction to CopTech :

Pune Police along with Nasscom and Data Security Council of India (DSCI) on 30 June, established the Cop Tech forum to increase sharing of ideas & knowledge on cyber security between the Cops and the IT Industry. In presence of many CXO of reknowned IT Industry and top brass cops Commissioner of police Satya Pal Singh signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Nasscom.

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Introduction to vulnerability research

I often get asked by many people on how we discover new vulnerabilities or code exploits. So, finally I decided to spend some time and make a small tutorial on what vulnerability research is all about.

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World’s slimmest TCP port scanner – By @

Ok, the name is a pun on Titan’s watch 😛 and is something that is an outcome of a really cool bash feature which I’ll be discussing. Bash provides a way to create a TCP connection or send UDP packets to a host on a given port, the cool thing is that you don’t have to rely on other scripting languages or programs for creating sockets/network connections when writing a shell script. Using this feature one can write simple to complex network utilities/scripts (a sigh of relief for scriptters :-) if that is that a word ). NOTE: This is a bash provided feature(if it is compiled with –enable-net-redirections option) and has nothing to do with /dev Devices.

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Morro is coming… (Ajit Hatti)

I have always been saying that “The best things in the world are for free ….fresh air, sunlight, friends, Linux……” 😀

Here is some free stuff from Microsoft (not joking 😀 ), but whether it will be best, Im doubtful. After Windows Defender which is a free Anti-Mal-ware from Microsoft, it is now coming up with a new single step security solution for Windows users, code named Morro. Morro is to succeed One Care, the paid version of Microsoft’s security offering.

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Web threats ..a new wave! – by Hemanshu

Today omnipresence of internet makes your browser the favorite attack vector for bad guys. Initially content filtering solutions (think websense) looked effective in curbing malicious website, but of recent there has been a new revival in the malicious websites and what is interesting is more and more legitimate websites are getting infected(msn canda , nitie ,Bank-of-India). Once a legitimate site starts distributing malware or is compromised there is little your web filtering solution or firewall could do about it. To add to injury attackers have now turned to obfuscate the attack payload to evade any security apparatus like IPS in place. Javascript looks like to be the tool of choice; its universally supported in all browsers (and in pdfs too..but that’s again a long story). Known attacks like Gumbler have started leveraging obfuscation an excellent description is here. These obfuscations make it very hard for signature based security engine to confidently detect and attack.

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wh[0x01] WildHack Contest

Welcome to our 0x01st contest. Let your grey cells do the thinking/talking :-). Participate by submitting content on security and get a chance to win the ultra-cool, 100% Indian null hacker t-shirts.Winning (and other cool) submissions will also be published on null’s website. The best of the lot will also be considered for the upcoming security conference * nullcon.

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First official null meet

It was really good to see that Pune has a lot of potential. A lot of security enthusiasts showed up at the first NULL meet. The best part was that our first meet happened at ClubHack – India’s premier hacking convention, so much for a kickstart :-).

Venue: ClubHack 2008, Room-B, 5th Floor, ICC Trade Towers, SB Road, Pune.

Date & Time: 7th Dec 2008 14:00 hrs

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