The idea behind "Learn to CTF" @null Delhi

Written on May 4, 2014

We at null Delhi had many participants (especially the new comers in the field of hacking and security) ask basic questions about CTFs like what is CTF? How to participate in CTF contests? What kind of skills are required? so and so forth since the time of nullcon V earlier this year. While we were answering those questions we found a need of a real time challenge which we can put in front of attendees and they can probably play around with it to find the answers themselves. During this course we decided to put different challenges in front of the attendees related to various domains of security (reverse engineering, web application hacking, cryptography, forensics, operating systems, etc.) and ask them to solve these challenges at the venue itself. They can take assistance from the mods and their neighbors or do it themselves. After every challenge we would cover a detailed walkthrough which would not only focus on the solution of the particular challenge but would also clarify the concepts of techniques to be used during CTFs.

null Delhi chapter “Learn to CTF” series will have the following challenges and workshops in the upcoming months

Part I – Reverse Engineering challenge (The challenge will start from beginner level and will end up at Intermediate level)

Part II – Walkthrough of the Reverse Engineering challenge and techniques to be used in participating in reverse engineering CTFs and challenges

Part III – Web Application Hacking challenge (A real time web hack on a locally set up and vulnerable web application)

Part IV – Walkthrough of the Web Application hacking challenge and techniques to be used in participating in web application CTFs and challenges

Part V – Forensic challenge

Part VI – Cryptography

Part VII – Operating Systems

Note - The above order of challenges and sessions are still tentative and may change depending on availability of volunteers and feedback received from participants. In case you wish to provide some feedback on the same we are open to hear from you.

Please reach out to the Delhi chapter leaders on the below email addresses

  • Vaibhav – reverser_at_null_dot_co_in
  • Sandeep – san_at_null_dot_co_in
  • Vishal – vast_at_null_dot_co_in