My experience with the Browser Fuzzing Humla session – 31st August 2013

This is a personal account of Sudhir Babu who attended the null Bangalore Browser Fuzzing Humla session taken by null Humla champion Anil Aphale.

I had an amazing experience last Saturday at Null Humla “Browser Fuzzing” session. “Browser Fuzzing”?? It was an alien concept for me, I did some work with Java script previously but I never understood why my browser ever crashed; most of the times I just ignored it

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null Delhi special meet with Joerg Simon

Author: Sandeep Singh

Delhi – The Second Adventure

Joerg Simon was back in Delhi on 27th July (Saturday) which he named his second adventure after a gap of 10 months. The last time he was in Delhi was for NullCon Delhi, 2012 with his talk on Fedora Security lab, OSSTMM. He could not complete his talk last time because he messed up his own time. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to meet to meet him personally and share and learn things about Open Source Security.

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n|u Jobs turns 3 Today :)

n|u jobs is our security job board. We have turned 3 years old today. In these 3 pretty successful years we have received 10000+ applications for about 900 jobs from more than 200 companies.

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null – The Open Security Community

null is a registered not for profit society set up to spread awareness about Information Security and to further research in this field as well. From its humble beginnings in Pune to being a national level organisation in just over 3 years has been possible because of the amazing community of volunteers who are definitely drawn to working with null due to its non-profit status.

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An On Target “Air Borne Humla” … Bravo !!!

After a long time we had an Humla Session in Pune. And I am happy to let you all know that it was great one. Though I personally missed upon it, the “Wireless Security Session – Part -I” was really great as per the feed backs received from the attendees.

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3 Years of null Bangalore Chapter

3 years is a pretty long time, especially in Internet time. 36 months, over 1000 days. Anything lasting that long and growing from strength to strength is worth celebrating. We will be completing 3 years when we all meet on the 11th day in the month of August 2012 for the monthly null Bangalore meet-up.

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Announcing null Humla – Offensive Hacking workshops

Humla (meaning attack in Hindi) is a completely hands-on workshop with the clear focus on learning the tools, techniques and approaches of offensive hacking using simulated servers and networks.

Humla is different from a normal null meet in its focus and duration. The focus is on learning specific tools and techniques and the duration is about 5-6 hours of hands-on work.

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Spraying Just in Time by cr01nk

Written by: cr01nk ([email protected])

Before you start reading this blog, i would like you to know that i like to be wrong because i believe that it is the only way i can correct myself. So if anything you feel is wrong, or is not addressed in its proper terms. Please leave comments below. Thanks

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null April Fool Prank by @

It was 5:30 PM, I was sitting in my cube lazying around, doing nothing and suddenly it dawned on me, Why not pwn our own site (empty mind is devil’s workshop :P). I started to write a small html page that had the most common features of a defaced page, black background, red font, st3r30typ1c4l 4lph4b3t. At the end of the file I had put a message in black font color just to see if ppl take the time to go through the source of the page, actually also to prove that it was not an actual defacement :-P, which was a more factor. I asked Ajit for a code name for the defacer and he suggest the mock of India’s biggest H4ck3r ever (yeah u guessed it right :-P, The Lamer). I deliberately pointed corrupt to the website and he understood that it was a prank and simultaneously sanyal also got to know about it. Abhijeet and Rohan fell for it and talked to Corrupt and Antz(who assumed it to be a prank). I had advised everyone who knew about it not to tell anyone else, not even the moderators.

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